Mexico’s guidelines for CBD(hemp) products.

The document titled “Lineamientos en materia de control sanitario de la cannabis y derivados de la misma” contains 50 articles that serve as a guideline for fabricating and commercializing products that contain less than 1% THC.

The guidelines can be broken into 2 sections:

1. Medical and Scientific Use
  • Research and Development
  • Fabrication of medicinal products
  • Importation of medicinal products

Cultivation of cannabis will only be allowed for scientific and therapeutic uses, with consent from the sanitary regulators in Mexico (COFEPRIS). Other regulatory bodies involved in this scheme will be Inventario Nacional de Investigación en Materia de Cannabis (INIMC) and the Comite de Moleculas Nuevas (inside COFEPRIS).

2. General Industrial Products
  • Fabrication and Commercialization of products containing less than 1% THC

The guidelines mention industrial products as food, food supplements, alcoholic drinks, non alcoholic drinks, cosmetics, or any other product for industrial use (basically anything that is not marketed for medicinal use).
These industrial products can be imported, exported, fabricated and commercialized, after being evaluated and granted a sanitary registration by COFEPRIS.

Interestingly enough, three pages are missing on the Industrial Product section of the document posted on the COFEPRIS website.

COFEPRIS published these guidelines a month before the new administration takes power. It will be up to the new administration to publish the regulations.

Link to guidelines published by COFEPRIS on October 30th, 2018

Edit: The link above now shows the complete guidelines.