Recreational Cannabis is now legal in Mexico by Judicial Protection

This past week on Friday, February the 22nd, the Supreme Court of Mexico formally posted in the Official Gazette of the Federation that there is jurisprudence against prohibition, indicating that all judges can indiscriminately grant protection to Mexican citizens for the use of recreational cannabis.

The Congress of Mexico now has 90 days to draft and sign into law a bill that specifies how recreational cannabis will be allowed to be consumed, produced, and commercialized.

There are already 8 bills in Congress for the recreational legalization of cannabis in Mexico, but one is up for this session. This bill was brought to Congress in November of 2018 by now Secretary of Interior, Olga Sanchez Cordero. The bill can be found here.

This expansive and detailed bill takes into account seeds, cultivation, fabrication, retail, transportation, packaging, marketing, analysis, importation, and exportation of cannabis. The bill calls for a new Department of Cannabis to oversee and regulate all aspects of the new industry; this department is to be created under the Health Department (Secretaria de Salud). This bill is set to pass Congress and be signed by president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as both chambers of congress hold majority by his own party MORENA.