Themed Cafe: Towards Cannabis Regulation, Mexico City, Mexico

NRS Consulting recently participated in all three days of the open parliament initiative held by the Mexican government in anticipation of federal legalization of recreational cannabis by the end of 2019. 

This event was hosted by Senator Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero and took place on August 12th, 14th and 16th. It was the first event of the second session of Congress and was entitled “Themed Cafe: Towards Cannabis Regulation.” This gathering made it the third open cannabis forum of the year, after the two that took place in the first session of Congress earlier this year.

The sessions were made up of Mexican citizens from all walks of life. NRS encountered recreational consumers advocating for their (now) constitutional right, a myriad of business owners from law firms to customs brokers, to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical businesses, as well as employees of other government agencies such as the health and economy departments. 

Senators and their assistants also showed up to participate, ask questions, and take notes. 

From first hand experience in this “themed cafe,” NRS Consulting found the Senators willing to hear from the many interests in the industry at these open discussions. However, while open input from the public is always a good thing, there were many opinions and suggestions on display that did not have facts behind them, and we heard a lot of incorrect information being passed around by both the public and the government representatives. This was disheartening to witness and be apart of, as Mexico is so close to legalization and still, seemingly from this encounter, not in a place of superior knowledge. It appears that there is a lot of “last minute” attempts to learn taking place, and while better late than never, there is a lot to digest with very little time before the recreational bill will be completed and presented.

Additional open forums are to be held in the next few weeks. NRS will attend, bringing experience from legal markets, and providing factual comments and suggestions. We hope to continue providing a different and well developed view of the direction of the regulations in Mexico.